These are some things I've either built in the past or am currently working on.


React components, transcribed from Vercel’s internal design system. nextjs-components

OpenGraph image for the nextjs-components GitHub repository
Rust Web-Assembly Synth

My goal was to get an interesting working example of something using WebAssembly, compiled from Rust. All the AudioContext calling code for this is written in Rust and compiled to WebAssembly with wasm-pack, while the styling (credit to react-piano) and interactivity is handled in React.

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(Make sure your device is not on mute)

Hexagonal Geospatial Data App

The data for this map comes from GPS Data, via areact-native app on my iPhone. Every time my location changes by x-meters, GPS data is hashed and indexed with Uber's h3-js library, and sent to a lambda function and eventually stored in DynamoDB. It's then served via CloudFront and rendered here with the help of react-google-maps.

Further styling is done client side, such as map theming and hexagonal heatmap rendering.