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    Infinite Databases with Nomad and Traefik

    I managed to spin up multiple PostgreSQL databases on the fly, each with their own unique URL. Inspired by Neon, PlanetScale and Railway.

    AvatarKevin WangSeptember 24, 2023

    HashiCorp AI - Part 1

    Coming soon: Baked-in intelligence to the HashiCorp developer portal.

    AvatarKevin WangSeptember 04, 2023

    The biggest boon to my software career

    A reflection on how three individuals have impacted my career in the past year.

    AvatarKevin WangJune 13, 2023

    Ok, Packer

    After manually installing Nomad, Docker, Git, and ZSH on 3 EC2 instances, it was time to see if Packer could automate the process for me.

    AvatarKevin WangDecember 04, 2022

    My First Nomad Cluster

    My own notes — not a guide — on standing up my first Nomad cluster on AWS.

    AvatarKevin WangNovember 20, 2022

    Next Stop, HashiCorp

    Journal entry reflecting on past achievements and what's in store for the future. Self-assigning some Golang homework and some exploratory work into new territory.

    AvatarKevin WangAugust 29, 2021