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    Early last year, I began transcribing the react components from Vercel's component library site for use on my personal site. It was initially closed source but now in 2022, I decided to open source it. This is a reflection of how I tackled it and some thoughts and learnings I had along the way.

    AvatarKevin WangJanuary 09, 2022

    CloudFront Functions for an Efficient Cache Policy

    Using CloudFront functions to apply some clever and sensible Cache-Control headers to a fully static Next.js app.

    AvatarKevin WangJuly 26, 2021

    Micro Frontends in NextJS with Webpack 5

    Webpack 5's Module Federation makes creating micro frontends straightforward. It is also available in NextJS 10+ via an experimental feature flag and it makes integrating micro frontends a breeze. You first build an external micro frontend and deploy it as a "federated module" to your destination of choice. Then you update some configs in your NextJS application and Webpack does the rest. It's kind of magic 🦄.

    AvatarKevin WangMarch 26, 2021

    25.33% Reduction in First Load JS with NextJS Dynamic Imports

    A play by play in successfully reducing first load JS bundle size by 25% with code splitting via dynamic imports, and getting all NextJS pages into the green zone.

    AvatarKevin WangMarch 15, 2021

    JAMStack CI/CD with Lerna, NextJS, CDK, and Github Actions

    Lerna, AWS CDK, and Github Actions make continuous integration and continuous delivery super easy. I figured out how to setup a CI/CD pipeline for my NextJS static apps backed by additional AWS infrastructure like Lambda functions, API Gateway, and Dynamo DB.

    AvatarKevin WangMarch 06, 2021