Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

What I know about GCP

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What I’ve touched...

  • Vision API
  • Cloud Run
  • Artifact Registry
  • Kubernetes Engine

Vision API

I have pretty limited experience with GCP. In my time at Capsule (around Winter 2020), I built a proof of concept for insurance card image text extraction. I used the Vision API in conjunction with Cloud Functions V1 to make a serverless API endpoint that would return JSON data of extracted text. I only ran minimal model training on a small dataset of images, and that was quite expensive and highly manual (I had to use the web UI and manually drag boxes around specific insurance card fields). I never got around to implementing the association of text to insurance fields, like "bin number" and "group number", and the project was eventually derailed by internal misalignment — basically it was cut short, but was certainly fun while it lasted.

Kubernetes Engine

I’m currently running a Waypoint server and runner on an Autopilot Kubernetes cluster, hosted on Kubernetes Engine. It costs about $30/month.

Cloud Run

I only recently (July 2022) came across Cloud Run. It’s basically Docker containers on Lambda. Here's a Deno fresh instance running on Cloud Run:


GCP x Waypoint