Week 26 + 27

Monday, June 16 to Sunday, July 2; Monday, July 3 to Sunday, July 9

I'm combining these two weeks because I was on a climbing trip that crossed over from week 26 to week 27.


Barely got any sleep because it was too hot and I sweated a ton.

Dropped off laundry.

Worked. Began chipping away at a lot of team/codebase debt, cruft, whatever you wanna call it.

Went to the gym for a night climbing session.


Went to PT.



Flew to Vancouver, via layover n Boston, for a 4-day trip to Squamish, BC.


Bumped into some old NY friends at the first boulder.

  • Tomomi started off the group's points with a V1 to the left of Zero Zero.
  • ❌ Zero Zero (V10)
  • ✅ Summer Vacation (V0)
  • ✅ Portable Mantle (V4)
  • ✅ Superfly (V4)
  • ❌ Autobody (V8)


  • ❌ Golden Boy (V7)
  • 👀 Dreamcatcher
  • ✅⚡️ Easy in an Easy Chair (V4), Flash
  • Connie did a V1 to the right of Easy chair.
  • Tomomi and Connie worked on Superdyke.
  • I watched a few people work on The Seam


  • Connie and Tak sent Zero Zero 🤩
  • ✅ Majestic (V6)

Monday (Week 27)

This time, Grandwall parking was totally filled and we immediately thought to go checkout the North Walls. We went straight to one of the further areas call Magic Kingdom.

  • ✅⚡️ Detached Flake (V1), Flash
  • ❌ Chicken Lips and Assholes (V6)
  • ✅⚡️ Space Monkey (V5), Flash
  • ✅ Cradle Robber Light (V5)
  • ❌ Space Robber (V6)

Left a little early to return pads, drive back to Vancouver, and catch an 11:50 PM flight. Flight got cancelled due to storms in New York. Got rebooked for 3:33 PM the next day so we spent an extra night in Vancouver.

Tuesday (Week 27)

Made it back to NY around 11:59 PM.

Recap: Tak: 33 V-points Kevin: V-points Connie: V-points Tomomi: V-points

Wednesday (Week 27)

Thursday (Week 27)

Climbed at Vital.

Friday (Week 27)

Went to PT; Was able to perform single leg triple jumps with pretty good distance. Ran at 12 MPH.

Climbed at Cliffs LIC.

Saturday (Week 27)

Walked around the city while Tomomi and Connie swam.

Sunday (Week 27)