My experience with, and knowledge in music

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    title My Music Life
    dateFormat  YYYY-MM-DD
    section Classical
    Piano           :1996-01-01, 2005-01-01
    section Jazz
    Guitar          :2007-01-01, 2014-12-14
    The New School  :2009-01-01, 2014-12-14

I grew up playing classical piano since I was about 5. It’s a pretty standard move for asian parents raising children in the 90’s. I hated it to be honest... but am very grateful for the skills that it helped me develop. Of the skills, “how to learn” is the most important.


  • Fundamental theory
  • Practice Routine
  • Memorization
  • Taking Exams
  • Ladder



  • How to play by the rules
  • There are a fuck ton of wrong notes...
  • How to break the rules
  • How to play with conviction
  • The New York scene
    • The Good
    • The Bad
    • The Ugly

What I Listen To