Waypoint on Kubernetes

Running and testing Waypoint servers and runners on a Kubernetes cluster.

Warning: This section is under construction

Testing Changes

The way I go about testing changes in hashicorp/waypoint is by building and publishing the server and runner Docker images. This allows pods in a Kubernetes cluster to pull down and use them.

%% using GitHub container registry
graph TD
    DL["docker auth"]
    Human --"hashicorp/waypoint"--> MDS["build docker images"]
    Human -."
        echo $(get_ghcr_token) | \<br/>
         docker login ghcr.io -u thiskevinwang --password-stdin

    MDS --"
        make docker/server
    "--> Tag["tag docker images"]

    Tag --"
        docker tag waypoint:dev ghcr.io/thiskevinwang/waypoint:latest
        docker tag waypoint-odr:dev ghcr.io/thiskevinwang/waypoint-odr:latest
    "--> Push["push docker images"]

    Push --"
        docker push ghcr.io/thiskevinwang/waypoint:latest
        docker push ghcr.io/thiskevinwang/waypoint-odr:latest
    "--> US["upgrade waypoint server"]

Wipe the server

This helps to start fresh, and only takes about a minute to run.

Install Waypoint

Configure project

This step configures the project to use a remote GitHub config.