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All your climbing attempts in your smartphone.

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Climbers are a nerdy bunch. We love the process and we love numbers. Writing your attempts is a common way to keep track of your volume and progress. But in this day and age, no one wants to carry around pen and paper, especially not at the gym

Bloc Stats brings that trusty little logbook into the convenience of your phone. You can log your attempts in just a few clicks, and all data is persisted in the cloud so you never have to worry about losing a notebook.

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View all your historical data

Over time as you log attempts, you'll see a nice visualization of all your historic efforts. Based on the trends you see, more optimal choices can be made in your future sessions.

Maybe you have a habit of sticking to a comfort zone — V5 — because you enjoy an easy flash. Consider throwing yourself at harder blocs.

Maybe you gravitate towards harder climbs. ...It never hurts to round out the lower grades, especially those in your anti-styles.

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Progress Screen
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See others punt send

Training is not meant to look good. It's a tough process, and there's nothing wrong with failing.

We're all in this together! Well... It's pretty funny when Brian falls on V3 🤣.

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Note, this app is no longer in active development 🙃
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